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Wir sind der SCC Skating. Bei uns trainiert Ihr Inlineskating und Eisschnelllauf. Im Sommer auf Straße und Bahn, im Winter in der Halle und auf dem Eis. Auf unserer Website findet Ihr:

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The X-Seed 4000 is the tallest building ever fully envisioned, meaning that the designs for the building have been completed. [1] The idea was initially created and developed by Peter Neville. Its proposed 4-kilometre (2.5 mi) height, 6-kilometre (3.7 mi) wide sea-base, and 800-floor capacity could accommodate 500,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants. This structure would be composed of over 3,000,000 tons of reinforced steel.

It was designed for Tokyo , Japan by the Taisei Corporation in 1995 [2] as a futuristic environment combining ultra-modern living and interaction with nature. [3] Methods of transportation within the X-seed would most likely include MagLev trains.

The X-Seed 4000 "is never meant to be built," says Georges Binder, managing director of Buildings & Data, a firm which compiles data banks on buildings worldwide. "The purpose of the plan was to earn some recognition for the firm, and it worked." [4]

Some estimate that the cost to construct the X-Seed 4000 may be somewhere between US$300–900 billion, in 2006 dollars ($587 billion–$1.06 trillion in 2016). [4]